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that are works of art and treasured keepsakes
Beautiful Papercut Invitations
The Papercut Invitation & Laser cutting Boutique lines of The Paperdoll Company
Papercut Invitations
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We use Neenah CLASSIC CREST & Linen Papers that are 100% recycled paper
Companion Pieces
Click the above picture
to see the Reception
Card specifically goes
with the Paper Rose
Border invitations
Paper Cut Rose Border Reception Card
Intro for Companion Papercut Pieces
Click the above picture
to see companion pieces,
Such as Escort cards &
“Thank You” cards
for this invitation
Paper Cut Monogram Booklet Opened with Rose Border Detail
Click picture to see
the invitation fully opened
This invitation is unique with its beautiful,
three-dimensional front piece with its monogram
layout. In addition, the Text is layered on an
Egg Shell and Antique Gold layers. The Text has
a paper cut border and also a papercut quote.
The Romantic:
Paper Cut Monogram Booklet
with Paper Cut Rose Border Invitation
Papercut Wedding Monogram Border Invitation enlarged
Click picture to see the Booklet enlarged
Vertical Paper Cut Monogram Wedding Invitation
Click picture to see particular Wedding Invitation
Jewish Wedding with Chuppah Papercut Wedding Invitations
Invitation with Papercut Vine Border
Horizontal PaperCut Monogram Wed Invite
PaperCut MonogramBooklet Hor w-Papercut RoseBorderInvite
Paper Cut Two Leaves Wedding Invitation
PaperCut Peacock Bridal Invitation
Mazel Tov Papercut Wedding Invitations
Papercut Bridal Chuppah Invitations
The Romantic:
Paper Cut Monogram Booklet
with Papercut Rose Border Invitation