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All designs are copyrighted by The Paperdoll Company,  3/2010
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The Papercut Invitation & Laser cutting Boutique lines of The Paperdoll Company
Paper cutting is a traditional folk art form that is found in many
cultures.  There is Chinese, French, German, Mexican, Polish,
Swiss, and Jewish paper cutting.
All design are copyrighted by The Paperdoll Company,  3/2010
Jewish paper cutting is many hundreds of years old.  It is
typically allegorical.  These papercuts usually illustrated or
interpreted a quotation or an idea.  Many times they were bi
symmetrical and included calligraphy.

Until the twentieth century, it was not unusual to see colorful
decorated papercuts.  These paper cut artists might have used
crayons, paints of all kinds, and ink to enhance the papercut.

The Paperdoll Company’s invitations follow this tradition. We
use many kinds of enhancements for our paper cut invitations.
Our invitations are truly unique.
About the Folk Art of Paper Cutting